Academic Reading Practice Test 8 Answers

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This page contain information for Mero IELTS Academic Reading Practice Test 8 Answers. Dear Students, if you have any questions about these answers, you can send them to us via email or leave a comment with your question. or submit them via our MERO IELTS Facebook page.

(Passage 1 The development of the London underground railway, Passage 2 Stadiums: past, present and future, Passage 3 To catch a king)

1. Population
2. Suburbs
3. Businessmen
4. Funding
5. Press
6. Soil
7. False
8. Not given
9. True
10. True
11. False
12. False
13. Not given
14. A
15. F
16. E
17. D
18. Fortress
19. Bullfights
20. Opera
21. Salt
22. Shops
23. C or D
24. C or D
25. B or E
26. B or E
27. H
28. J
29. F
30. B
31. D
32. Not given
33. No
34. No
35. Yes
36. B
37. C
38. A
39. B
40. D

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