IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #87

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This page consists the IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer Band 6 with Examiner feedback which will help you understanding the tactic to solve the IELTS Writing Task 2 Questions.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Differences between countries become less evident each year. Nowadays, all over the world people share the same fashions, advertising, brands, eating habits and TV channels.
Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the advantages?

Include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience to back up your answer.

Write a minimum of 250 words.

Sample Band 6 Answer

With the passage of each year, the dissimilarities between states are becoming less apparent. This enhancement has resulted in the sharing of similarity in fashion statement, advertisement, branding, eating endeavors and selection of TV channels across the globe. In my perspective, the drawbacks of this development are eclipsed by its benefits and support of this opinion will be presented with elaborations to justify my inclination in the succeeding paragraphs of this essay, followed by a conclusion.

One of the primary advantages of adopting identical culture is that creation of sense of harmony and brotherhood in people living in different states. To be more precise, similarity in different trades like (fashion, marketing, trademark, dine in practice and TV stations) will definitely remove feeling of inequity and prejudice from countries. For example, people in European countries are like minded in choosing wardrobes, advertising the product, consuming brands, having identical meals and watching same shows. Moreover, this uniformity can help citizens to settle and migrate in other countries. This is possible because indistinguishable traditions are practiced worldwide and people travelling to a new place can settle easily. A good illustration is Asians taking status of PR (Permanent Residency) in Canada and Australia, and they are spending their life normally because of equal customs. People living in this region are following western ethos because they were using alike norms in their state.

Conversely, one of the major the drawbacks of this trend is ancestral traditions and uniqueness in culture will disappear from this planet and history is not going to distinctive behavior of different nations. For instance, in Pakistan youngsters prefer to wear western clothes, using brands like Prada, Nike and Next, eating pizzas, fast food and viewing famous TV shows like GOT (Games of Thrones). They are giving priority to western society on their forefather traditions which is demerit, because there will be no difference in nations. However, this problem can be surmounted easily, if elders teach young people to adopt balance in life, and they should not forget their own ethnicity with trending culture. Therefore, negative ramification of this revolution is solvable.

In conclusion, in the light of aforementioned paragraphs, I strongly agree that positives side of same trend propagated worldwide outlaws the disadvantages.


This is the answer is written by the real student who appeared on IELTS exam and got band 6 for this answer. now, let’s us look forward to the essay feedback given by the IELTS Examiner.

Examiner Feedback

TA – “enhancement” immediately makes the writer’s opinion clear. Is this deliberate or a bad choice of synonym? The main ‘problem’ is that paras 2 & 3 seem to directly contradict each other & I can’t see the writer’s opinion until it is given in the conclusion. In addition, there are other aspects of the issue that could be explored// CC – Is it necessary to use ‘however’ & ‘therefore’ one after the other in para 3?// LR – ” positives side of same trend propagated worldwide outlaws the disadvantages” – not ‘natural’.I don;t see much ‘strong’ collocation in this essay// G – articles!

So, I’d say:
//TA – 6
//CC – 7
// LR – 6 (I’m being strict)
// G – 7
//Overall = 6.5 (7,0 is possible but I’m doubtful).

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