IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer #94

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This page consists the IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer Band 8 with Examiner feedback which will help you understanding the tactic to solve the IELTS Writing Task 2 Questions.

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people believe that there should be fixed punishments for each type of crime.Others, however, argue that the circumstances of an individual crime,and the motivation for committing it, should always be taken into account when deciding on the punishment.
Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience to back up your answer.

Write a minimum of 250 words.

Sample Band 8 Answer

Granting appropriate punishment to offenders, no matter the crime, ensures justice in a society.Some people argue that a standard punishment should be set for each offence. In contrast, others believe that each crime be dealt uniquely based on variable conditions of wrongdoer and reasons for committing a certain crime.This essay will analyze both sides of argument before reaching a conclusion.

On the one hand, it is said that judicial system devise a standard set of penalties depending upon the nature of felony. This implies that severity of the wrongdoing will determine the duration and intensity of the sentence.For instance, In India, an intoxicated driver is charged with license suspension and monetary fine,whereas, a burglar will be penalized for 2 or more years in a prison. Thus, the more serious a crime, more severe are the legal consequences.

On the other hand, some say that in order to serve justice,it is imperative to take into account the rationale behind the unlawful act.To illustrate, a destitute and homeless individual may be forced to steal money to satisfy his basic needs.Such circumstances demand logical consideration by the law to ensure justice is served. Hence, certain sanctions maybe modified depending upon the nature of crime and conditions of the transgressor.

To conclude, it is pivotal that legal and judicial system of a state ensure fair and objective penalization in order for the society to function optimally.In this regard, I believe that the state of affairs of each offender be assessed independently before deciding the penalty for his misconduct rather than just having a standard set of punishments for various crimes.


This is the answer is written by the real student who appeared on IELTS exam and got band 8 for this answer. now, let’s us look forward to the essay feedback given by the IELTS Examiner.

Examiner Feedback

TA – you have produced a thoughtful and well-written answer. But the reader has no idea what your opinion is until the conclusion and even then ‘why’ is a mystery, A 5 paragraph essay might get you a 9 for TA// CC – your writing is finely crafted but perhaps too ‘formulaic’ for a higher band// LR – I’m not sure about “pivotal” or “various crimes”// G – there are too many missing articles for a higher band.
So, I’d say:
//TA – 7 (much closer to 6 than 8)
// CC – 8 (9?)
// LR – 9
// G – 7
//Overall = 8.0.

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